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When a potential customer or visitor comes into your business for the first time, what is the immediate thing that they are greeted with? Of course, it is the reception area.

Your company is totally represented by this room. In just a few seconds after arrival, the client can make the decision as to whether they want to deal with you or not.

First impressions count

A well-presented and stylish reception area is your chance to show off to clients. It tells them – you really mean business!

Adern Office Furniture Suppliers London UKs a hard-working and fully capable company, you need to present yourself as such, and nothing does this better than a fresh and clean reception area.

Remember – your reception area should be obvious to anyone that walks into your building. A clearly marked reception desk is advisable.

When designing such an area, there are two key pieces of furniture that are an integral part of every thriving business.

Reception desk

An attractive reception desk goes a long way to representing your business in a positive light. Have a browse on our site, there are some truly stunning desks available in the Planscape range.

If your desk is old, rickety or just shabby looking - then that can give a negative representation of your company, which usually inaccurate.  

Buy a fantastic and chic new desk from Planscape, and shout out to the world that your business is flourishing with success.

Reception seating

There are some key features that you should keep in mind when choosing a desk for your reception area.

·         Professional – a bean bag chair may be a fun addition to a break room, but keep them away from the reception area. They can tend to give out an overly relaxed vibe for any newcomers to the business.

·         Comfortable – chances are that people are going to be waiting in your reception area for some of the time. Choose comfortable chairs, or they might remember your company for uncomfortable and negative reasons!

·         Memorable – sometimes the best designs are those that stick in your mind. There are so many fantastic and unique pieces of furniture in the Planscape range. You can even choose matching reception desk and chairs if you really want to be fancy.

Make sure to only project a professional front that is truly representative of your company. Browse our fine catalogue of furniture and choose the piece that is truly representative of a thriving business.

First impressions matter – make sure bad ones don’t affect your company.

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