Office Partitioning - Office Screens

Divide your workspace and conquer those tasks with partitions!

Open plan offices can contribute to inter-departmental communication and help to build workplace teams, but often, those teams work on different tasks and can benefit from having different environments to work in.

Incorporating fixed or temporary partitions or screens into your workplace provides the ideal solution and has a number of benefits:

- Personnel who need a quiet or private space to work in can get some respite from the office-at-large without being removed from it.

- Partitions reduce noise, which means that all employees benefit from less interruption from ringing phones, group briefs and general workplace banter.

- Open plan offices can make some employees feel like they are under surveillance. Giving them a partitioned workspace demonstrates that you trust them to get the job done, which can increase morale and boost productivity.

- Free standing or desk-mounted screens make a functional addition to any workspace. Apart from transforming the work environment, they can be used as general notice boards or display points for frequently used data.

- Partitions make it easy for you to adapt your office interior to the changing demands of your business, the majority of our partition systems can easily be relocated to house new personnel or departments as and when required.

- If your workplace lacks natural light, then glass screens or partitions offer the same benefits without cutting down on light.They are also a great way to reduce noise and distractions without creating a sense of division between departments or organisational hierarchies.

- Even in a small office, such as customer-facing outlets on the high street, partitions allow you to create a space to house staff break or meeting areas away from public view.

Furthermore, screens and partitions can be incorporated into the overall design of your premises. We supply all sorts of organisations with bespoke partitions and screens which can be tailored to your unique corporate image  with organisational colours and branding.

The division of space in an open plan office needs to be carefully executed but we offer a comprehensive space planning and installation service to help you make the most of your business premises.

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