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When deciding on an office desk there is a lot to consider.Whether you have a huge city centre complex or a tiny three desk operation, Planscape can tailor a desk plan to suit your every need.

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing an office desk is the size. Getting the right measurement is key to making sure that you have a fully functioning office with happy and productive employees.

No one likes to be cramped into a tiny area whilst they are trying to work. Giving employees the required space is important to ensure that they do a good job. Desks should have sufficient storage space, as well as enough room to work without feeling penned in.

Equally, trying to get desks that are too big into a restricted space can cause mobility issues and even give you problems with Health and Safety.

All jobs and workspaces have different computer desk requirements, so it is wise to speak to the best company in the business for advice; one that can customise your furniture to suit any size room or workforce. Plan your space wisely, because it is critical to fitting every item of furniture in. Work out feasibly how much space you need to use, and let Planscape create the office desk of your dreams. 

When looking to kit out the office with a whole new range of computer desks, your first port of call will usually be design features. The principle criteria for selecting office desks is usually style, shape, colour,materials and finish. Equally important, however, are functional considerations. Your choices of office desk will depend as much on the cosmetic criteria as their intended function, purpose and placement within your work place environment.

Office Desks Tailor Made for You

Oblong or square, glass or wood– the choice is yours. Our classic desks come in a fine quality laminate or wood veneer, which give a finalised and professional look, classic for the office. If you want something that is a little more modern and contemporary then our glass topped desks should be ideal.

It is offering our customers that individualised choice which makes Planscape so popular. Before you make any final decisions, we will give you our professional advice as to making sure that you are making the correct choices to suit your workplace – not just for cosmetic reasons, but for the more practical considerations.

We have desks to suit all areas of the office, from a receptionist to a CEO and everything in between. With a range of furniture to suit every budget, from some great value pieces to top of the range executive desks that ooze style. Let everyone know that you are the boss the second they walk into the office with a bespoke Planscape piece.

We have an extensive range of every style of desk that you can think of. Whatever your place of work may need; office desks, bench desks or glass desks are all available.

The products above represent a small selection of the range of Office Desks we provide. For more information or specific product enquiries, click here to contact us or use our Rapid Response Form. For more information, call us free on: 0800 612 9608