LCD Screen AccessoriesRecycling and Waste Bins
The devil is in the detail and when it comes to making your business premises unique, those details which individuate you from your competitors can be expressed through simple workplace accessories.

Their impact is often underestimated but when it comes to creating a unique image, it's the little things that count. Every day, we help organisations across the UK, from the home office user to the big and bustling call centre, personalise their business space with office accessories.

Here are some of our most popular office additions you can make:

Corporate Art:

Nothing brightens up a drab workspace better than colourful,thought provoking artwork. We stock a wide selection of pieces in a variety of sizes and mediums.

Whether you prefer photography, paintings or prints in contemporary or classic designs, we can source a selection of off-the-peg images or negotiate bespoke installations directly from our network of artists on your behalf.

Simply tell us about your business, your design preferences and budget and we will source something perfect for your premises.


Lighting has the biggest influence over any room’s ambience and is one of the easiest changes you can make to transform your interior design into a distinctive and unique space.

We supply a selection of intelligent lighting solutions including adjustable task lights or desk lamps in a range of style and colours whichcan make specific workspace tasks easier to focus on.

LCD Screen Mounts:

The world has gone digital and in any business, there will be a number of people who spend their days working on screen-based tasks.

Screen mounts are a simple and effective way to make those employees more comfortable. Mounts elevate a screen above the desktop and can be adjusted to sit at the perfect height for each individual user.

Doing this makes them not only more comfortable and more productive, it clears the desktop to make more space for personnel to work in and contributes to an overall modern and spacious aesthetic.

Mounts are available for individual use or up to four LCD screens at any one time and are easily fitted to a wall or tabletop.

Recycling Bins:

They may not be glamorous but recycling bins and containers are essential for every workplace. They encourage employees to keep a work place tidy and show them, and any visiting customers or clients, that your business works in environmentally friendly ways.

The products above represent a small selection of the range of Office Accessories we provide. For more information or specific product enquiries, click here to contact us or use our Rapid Response Form. For more information, call us free on: 0800 612 9608